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Leading global experts gather to pave the way forwards for recognition of Rights of Nature laws.

Legal and Policy Update (April 2021).

On 22 April, leading global experts gathered to take stock of the outcomes and recommendations arising from the recent series of conversations on the Rights of Nature spearheaded by Marie Toussaint (MEP) during the last six months. This series of events have explored the benefits and opportunities of the recognition of the Rights of Nature in the EU context and related legal progressions for people and planet (including, the prospect of adoption of an EU Charter for the Rights of Nature, how such recognitions in law would complement existing fundamental human rights guarantees, as well as broader needs for progressive alignment with international laws on access to justice etc).

In the wake of COVID-19, such recognitions are now being viewed by key decision-makers as potential ‘pragmatic measures’ to advance and safeguard the Earth’s living systems for present and future generations, alongside existing environmental laws.

In this short update brief, we summarise some key outcomes and debate points emerging from discussions to date which already demonstrate concrete options and recommendations for ‘how’ the Rights of Nature may be recognised in law, as well as identifying key areas for further research and study.

You can access the full update briefing and the FAQ document via the download links below.

You can follow our work on the Rights of Nature at:

Rights of Nature Blog - April 2021 (Upda
Download • 396KB

FAQ updated - 11 May 2021 - AN-SS FINAL
Download • 675KB


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