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Do you aspire to be a Lawyer for the Earth and stand up for the rights of present and future generations?
At Living Law, we want to support the lawyers of tomorrow who are committed to building and upholding the Environmental Rule of Law. While law alone cannot deliver the shifts needed to align with Earth-system science, it is naive to think that societies can achieve sustainability goals without the Environmental Rule of Law. This fact becomes increasingly evident as the impacts of unsustainable lifestyles become more acute and beyond credible dismissal in terms of developments in science. 

We are committed to creating a supportive, public-interest legal environment where dedicated talent can shine – through a non-hierarchical but disciplined culture where creativity and innovations in law are actively encouraged. We are an Equal Opportunities organisation and take obligations arising from the Equality Act seriously: a vibrant and diverse legal profession that more closely reflects the societies it serves is essential for the legitimacy of law.

We, therefore, welcome interest from under-represented groups and first-generation lawyers who are committed to delivering excellence in legal services.

We are always open to hearing from talented individuals via

Current Opportunities

Legal Researcher - Anti-SLAPP Project

Life at Living Law

   Erika Solimeo (2018/19)

"The experience at Living Law has revealed fascinating also in terms of critically approaching topical legal issues, and reflecting upon creative solutions to be shared with both wider groups of legal experts and the general public."
Ana Cepeda (2019) 
"The internship at Living Law exceeded my expectations and helped me channel and develop my specialism in environmental and human rights law in such a resourceful environment"

      Alphaeus Ngonga (2018) 

Beth Muirhead (2021) 

"At Living Law, I was given opportunities to engage in a legal field that I found fascinating and would otherwise not likely have had the chance to explore. I gained valuable experience – taking charge of certain tasks entrusted to me that, through the support I received, helped me grow skills I could apply in my studies, as well as in my future career.
I was able to develop my research and presentation skills through weekly meetings and tasks. In addition, the encouragement to present my ideas and participate in preparatory activities resulted in valuable practical experience.

I was supported through one-to-one meetings and mentoring by Susan and was constantly given constructive feedback, allowing me to continue to improve and grow.

Overall, the experience was both interesting and rewarding.
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