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Living Law Futures Project

Empowering tomorrow's Living Law today.

Living Law Futures is working across Scotland to help connect the next generation of Environmental (Earth-System) Lawyers with supportive mentoring and engagement opportunities that contribute positively to advancing environmental legal rights (access to information, public participation, and justice) and with a particular focus to under-represented groups/voices.

The project's ambition is to advance legitimacy in environmental law and help equip the next generation to exercise agency over their environmental futures, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, UNECE Aarhus Convention & towards an overall vision of Harmony with Nature.

Their Rights


Living Law Futures prioritises investment, engagement, and co-creation efforts with under-represented voices in the environmental legal discourse to advance the realisation of the SDGs and promote enhanced gender equity and Youth participation in the Scottish legal sector.

Initiated by our Founder, the programme has high aspirations to provide support through legal mentoring, engagement, advocacy, and litigation training, as well as outreach opportunities.

By connecting these initiatives with our global partnership network and environmental law expert community, we are working to empower Youth to exercise agency over *their* environment and build an ecosystem of future experts.

Shared Expertise


The environmental laws of tomorrow urgently need to embed forward-looking, innovative, and creative perspectives. Unlocking the power of Youth engagement is central to delivering progressive advancements in laws that more closely align with ecological reality and nurture societies towards realising Harmony with Nature.


By sharing our environmental law knowledge and expertise with tomorrow's environmental leaders, we aim to co-create opportunities for enhanced representation of civil society in environmental discourses towards Environmental Democracy. This is shown to deliver improved real-world environmental outcomes.

Northern Lights
Northern Lights

All Our Futures

Our project's aims include:-

  • Hosting a series of Legal Advocacy and Litigation Environmental Law Boot Camps, with the goal to support 100 young people (by 2030) from all walks of life to engage with top legal experts to learn about environmental and associated human rights and how to put them into practice in decision-making processes. This project draws on our experience of working with Governments, environmental regulators, charities, and the corporate sector to deliver environmental change. 

  • Webinar series and other training initiatives on the Rights of Nature – exploring opportunities for how this can support the move towards Harmony with Nature.

  • Promoting safe and empowering mentoring spaces and engagement with Environmental Defenders to explore challenges they are/have faced.  

The application form to apply for this year's initiatives will shortly be available on our website for completion (to be submitted together with a short statement of motivation). We will then arrange for a member of the team to contact you with a view to discuss scheduling opportunities. Please note that these are bespoke events that are dependant on demand but we are looking to host the workshops etc on a bi-annual basis.

In the meantime, you can register expressions of interest at

In addition, we also already operate a summer internship and buddying programme. To express interest in these opportunities, you can email a CV and one page cover letter to

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