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Welcome to Living Law
The legal services market in Scotland is changing, and here at Living Law we believe we offer a fresh approach.

We pride ourselves on combining the tradition, knowledge, and expertise you'd quite rightly expect from a Scottish Law Firm, with real innovation and a solution-focused / partnership approach that is in keeping with the modern business world.  


Eco-vation in Law
We are dynamic and work with our clients to fully understand their individual needs. For our business clients, we understand their sector and the economic environment that they operate in. This means we can add real value to the advice we provide.
By embracing the use of technology and other such developments, we are able to deliver a progressive and efficient service to our clients. In fact, we love IT solutions – for example, we work from a virtual environment, leaving us free to travel throughout Scotland to where our clients need us. This also allows us to eliminate unnecessary and restrictive overheads – savings we can then pass directly to you.  
We use the latest software and case-management systems to support our business model. This means that we can access everything you might expect in a more 'traditional' office environment (and more) while we are on the move. It also means you have the peace of mind knowing that we are investing in the latest e-developments to ensure your data and personal information is kept safe, secure, backed up, and resilience-proofed.    

We have access to high-quality formal meeting and conference facilities at our bases in central Edinburgh and Glasgow (and indeed right across Scotland and beyond), so you can be confident that we deliver a first-class and highly professional service at all times. But we only pay for what we use – whether at the Empire State Building in NYC to downtown Stockholm or London (a selection of our further afield missions to date) and various locations between, our providers and outreach are truly global! This reflects our overarching "think global, act local" mission and ethos.

These are just a few of the reasons why we firmly believe that 'bigger' does not necessarily mean 'better', especially in the current economic climate – and how our innovation allows us to deliver such high-quality services to our clients at affordable rates.  
As you might guess from our name... here at Living Law we are committed to continually changing, developing, evolving, and learning to respond to the world around us. Above all, we embrace challenge.
By getting professional help and guidance on strategy at the earliest possible stage, you will be in a much better position to challenge or defend (as the case may be) matters further down the line. No matter how big or small your issue or project, we will work with you to develop solutions and achieve your goals.

Tradition + Innovation           Living Law 


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