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Busting the myths surrounding a "greener Brexit" prior to next week's key Parliamentary debates

Next week, the EU (Withdrawal) Bill is scheduled to return to the House of Commons for consideration in an unprecedented move that will see all the safeguard amendments inserted by the House of Lords considered in just a single sitting.

This development has attracted considerable criticism from across the party-political spectrum and will unquestionably limit the scope for full and proper debate on some of the most significant changes to our laws in more than a generation, including those in the environmental field.

Ahead of this, Living Law has, in conjunction with Lawyers Against Brexit and Greener in EU, prepared a briefing intended to help bust through some key Brexit myths in relation to the environment, as well as highlight the many questions which still remain unanswered. It is intended to focus on the facts and legal issues and impacts that Brexit poses for our environmental rights.

In our view, the EU (Withdrawal) Bill still creates significant risks of legal uncertainty that are putting our environment and public health in grave danger. It is hoped that the publication of this information will help the public to cut through the rhetoric to know what is at stake.

You can read the briefing here:-

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