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Happy World Environment Day 2017 #WithNature

I’m here today on behalf of Living Law to extend a Happy World Environment Day 2017 to all.

We can look back at the progress that has been made during the last year – everything from the historic Paris Agreement on Climate Change to the forthcoming entry into force of the Minamata Convention regulating mercury. As the United Nations have recently said, the sustainability train has clearly left the station - the question is who is on board and who are the laggards that will be left behind.

As we transition to societies within planetary boundaries, Living Law will be here to advise Governments, industry, civil society and non-governmental organisations alike on the power of the law to help society to make that transition, to achieve the SDGs for all & Agenda 2030, which the world has set out its aspirations to achieve.

Notwithstanding recent setbacks, on this World Environment Day we remain highly optimistic about the power of cooperation, of multilateralism and, critically, the power of the rule of law to help deliver the global goals.

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