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Welcome to Living Law!
For a Living Planet

We are a Scottish law firm with a global outreach, dedicated to thinking globally and acting locally — For People, For Planet.

Our Vision

We envision a world where everyone's legal right to live in a safe, clean, healthy, and sustainable environment is upheld, and where societies function in harmony with Nature and within planetary boundaries

Our Commitment 
We acknowledge the pivotal role of the rule of law and environmental democracy in achieving environmental security and fostering equitable and just transitions. Our approach includes:

  • Strategic Legal Advice: providing proactive, informed guidance to achieve sustainable outcomes.

  • Creative Legal Interventions: developing innovative solutions for complex environmental challenges.

  • Positive Legal Force: utilising law as a future-proofing tool, not just a reactive measure.

Our Mission 

Our overarching mission is to help uphold key environmental rights:


  • Access to information;

  • Public participation; and

  • Access to justice.

As the foundation for this, we also advocate for the recognition of Nature's inherent rights — For a Living Planet.

Join Us

If you share our optimism about the opportunities ahead in the green transition, we'd love to connect and eco-vate. By partnering with you at every stage, we can help guide you through the legal maze to bring Nature on board.

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