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At Living Law, we want to support the lawyers of tomorrow who are committed to building and upholding the Environmental Rule of Law. While law alone cannot deliver the shifts needed to align with Earth-system science, it is naive to think that societies can achieve sustainability goals without the Environmental Rule of Law. This fact becomes increasingly evident as the impacts of unsustainable lifestyles become more acute and beyond credible dismissal in terms of developments in science. 
We are committed to creating a supportive, public-interest legal environment where dedicated talent can shine - through a non-hierarchical but disciplined culture where creativity and innovations in law are actively encouraged. We are an Equal Opportunities organisation and take obligations arising from the Equality Act seriously: a vibrant and diverse legal profession that more closely reflects the societies it serves is essential for the legitimacy of law.
We, therefore, welcome interest from under-represented groups and first-generation lawyers who are committed to delivering excellence in legal services.
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Life at Living Law
Ana Cepeda (2019) 
"The internship at Living Law exceeded my expectations and helped me channel and develop my specialism in environmental and human rights law in such a resourceful environment"

The opportunity to be part of Living Law, thanks to the constant support from my LLM professors at the University of Strathclyde was the ideal complement to gain maximum advantages of studying abroad. The experience allowed me to expand my studies during the LLM in Global Environmental Law and Governance from a practical perspective.

Throughout the five-month internship, I worked directly with the firm's Managing Partner, Ms. Susan Shaw. Her professionalism and wide experience in Environmental Law and Human Rights Law in both, the UK and the international legal systems, allowed me to acquire a deep understanding in some developments and challenges facing law today in this field. Her comprehensive guidance and approachability to discuss legal matters were extremely important to adjust my professional experience from a civil-law legal system to the common-law legal system in the UK.

During the LLM I was able to build knowledge in global and international environmental law, which I was able to apply in the analysis of several cases heard by the UK Courts. One remarkable case that particularly caught my attention was the case Vedanta v. Lungowe. It pointed out the corporate accountability for transnational corporations headquartered in the UK and their duty of care for public statements regarding their subsidiaries' compliance with environmental standards. It was interesting to analyse and co-author with Susan a legal briefing about the possible effects the UK Supreme Court´s judgment could entail for similar cases in which corporate accountability is at stake - setting new industry benchmarks.

In addition, the political process occurring in the UK because of Brexit presented the opportunity to be involved in legal assessment of fundamental aspects relating to the UK constitutional system (now and in the future). In this sense, I had the opportunity to follow the case which questioned the lawfulness of the UK Prime Minister's decision to suspend the UK Parliament (in October/2019), as the Brexit deadline (October 31, 2019) was fast approaching. Even although Living Law was not directly involved or instructed in this particular case, I was still given the opportunity to attend the hearing before Lord Doherty in the Court of Session in Edinburgh (Cherry v Advocate General for Scotland).

Moreover, under the supervision of Ms Shaw, I was able to interact with the Firm's clients and collaborate with her in research relating to the preparation of cases. I experienced the expertise of Susan to deal with environmental issues in local communities and the benefit that having access to high-level professional legal counselling offers to equalise the scales of environmental justice.


My time in Living Law also opened the possibility to create a network of professionals globally who work for parallel interests in environmental law, social responsibility, human rights law and so on - not only from the U.K. but also from other countries.

Last but not least, Living Law became the space to strengthen my communication skills. I was actively encouraged to introduce legal environmental concerns to a non-legal audience in a creative and accessible manner. As a result, we produced video blogs and similar to broadcast topical updates in legal treaties (such as the Escazú Agreement to support Access to Information, Public Participation and Justice in Environmental Matters in Latin America and the Caribbean) and help stimulate debate about their existence and how we can also learn from them.

In summary, the internship in Living Law exceeded my expectations as it helped me to channel and trigger my interests concerning environmental and human rights law in such a resourceful environment.

I simply encourage anybody who is looking for professional and personal growth to join the Living Law team of professionals.

Erika Solimeo (2018/19)
"The experience at Living Law has revealed fascinating also in terms of critically approaching topical legal issues, and reflecting upon creative solutions to be shared with both wider groups of legal experts and the general public."

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